Bright Streams, was established to provide a coherent marketing and customer service function on behalf of a number of city of London specialist legal, strategic business development, profit planning, fiduciary and wealth management firms.

We also have close relationships with some of the UK’ leading corporate service providers; collectively, these firms establish, manage and administer companies and corporate financial structures to meet specific objectives.

Broadly these include corporate re-structuring, wealth and asset protection and of course compliant business development and profit planning; at both a corporate and individual/stakeholder level.

The providers that we introduce to our clients have established and implemented profit and asset management strategies within the UK since 1989 and have administered those strategies on behalf of in excess of 20,000 companies and individuals that time.

Our objective is to work collaboratively alongside our clients, ensuring that they are achieving maximum profit efficiency from their professional endeavor’s; together with the minimum of hassle from administration and of course maintaining 100% compliance at all times.